Jimmy from Heir Of Love
Jimmy from Heir Of Love
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We create tailored stories-on-demand services for the digital age. We want our audiences to experience quality storytelling and emotions at any time, any place. Easily.

Our apps

Drawing inspiration from visual novels and gamebooks, we provide interactive story apps, franchises, and services for many genres & audiences: romance, thriller, medical drama, fantasy and more! Our stories can be experienced on web browsers or mobile stand-alone apps.

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Who hasn’t felt their heart beat faster when reading a great story? Stories of heroes and heroines, princes and princesses, monsters to defeat, companions and enemies?

Who hasn’t taken delight in and excitement from such imaginary adventures?

Great stories inspire us, offer us an escape from everyday life, take us by the hand and lead us to a faraway place. And if you’ve only ever dreamed of being part of these great stories, that is all about to change.

At Tictales, we have new stories to tell, and they start right here, with you. You will be plunged right into the heart of fascinating, breath-taking, inspiring stories, where the important decisions to be made, and their consequences, belong to you, any time, any place.

You will be gripped by passion and fall in love. You will fear for your life when trapped in a dangerous situation. The suspense you feel will be so great that you won’t want to sleep. Access a Tictales story and let yourself be absorbed by a whole new world…

| Great stories, true feelings.
Tictales app
Tictales app

About us

Since 2015 and our first visual novel AnticLove, we never stopped learning by doing.

Our core team is passionate about technology, media, and gaming. We created beloved titles, like the Love & Diaries franchise.

Since then, while keeping a constant flow of content for our audiences, we dig into new directions, searching for the next move...

Our values

Our aim is to provide entertainment and storytelling in phase with digital natives’ new ways of consumption.

In our era of media’s great ubiquity, our favorite characters and universes can follow us from our family homes to public transport, on bigger or smaller screens, for a short amount of time or for hours, alone or shared with relatives through social media.

We are user-centric, and both focused on production efficiency and emotional impact to engage our audience.

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