Terms and conditions

General conditions of use of TICTAL products

TICTALES is the protected work of TICTALES SAS, a company incorporated under French law (the information relating to the company can be consulted under the legal notice section of the Site).

Acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions and the Code of Conduct is a prerequisite in order to be able to play TICTALES. Any use of the Site or the Game that does not comply with the terms of the General Terms and Conditions or the Code of Conduct is strictly prohibited.

The registration to the Game, the completion of the registration process, and the use of the Game and/or the Site leads to the Player's acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and the Code of Conduct. By virtue of this acceptance a contract is formed between TICTALES and the Player under the terms and conditions provided for in these Conditions general and to the Code of Conduct.

Any use of the TICTALES game is governed by the terms and conditions contained herein. in the these General Terms and Conditions of Use agreed between TICTALES and you, including any future review provided in accordance with the procedure described in Article 4 hereof.

You declare that you are a "natural person" over eighteen (18) years of age or having reached the age of the majority in the country of your residence, and accept these General Terms and Conditions and the Code of pipe for yourself or, at your discretion, for a minor child of whom you are the parent or guardian and you have authorized to use the account you have created (the "Account").

After having read all the information necessary for the use of the Site and the Game, the Player wished to register and participate in the Game in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions, on preliminary as an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions.

1. warning

TICTALES has designed, produced and operates a website and an innovative and original playful story, in the form of a game available at https://aaron.love-diaries.com/en-us.

TICTALES recommends that parents of minor players ensure that the control system parental provided by Internet Service Providers is well activated on their computer.

As a reminder, a parental control device is a software that allows parents to control the navigation on the Internet of their minor children by defining access rights to websites and different online services such as discussion forums, chats and messaging instantaneous, according to their age, maturity and experience on the Internet.

Players are informed of the unreliability of the Internet network, especially in terms of security in the transmission of data, continuity not guaranteed in access to the Game, of performances not guaranteed in terms of volume and speed of data transmission.

TICTALES warns Players of the obligation to respect the rights of third parties and in particular the law of trademarks, copyright and privacy as well as all the provisions of the law. legal and applicable on the Internet.

The Player must only implement the advice available in the Game. TICTALES puts in place keep them Players on the fact that the advice given as part of the Game in terms of fashion and decoration, are provided for entertainment purposes and cannot be used in the real world.

Under no circumstances are the information and advice provided likely to replace the advice from a professional in fashion and decoration. They cannot be interpreted as allowing the creation of of the looks and decorate a house.

The Player acknowledges that the information and advice made available to him is neither complete, or exhaustive and that they do not cover all the issues related to history, fashion and to the decoration.

TICTALES does not guarantee any result following the implementation of the information and advice offered.

Consequently, the Player acknowledges that TICTALES' liability cannot be sought from the title of information and advice provided in connection with the Game, and accepts that the use of these information and advice is carried out under its sole and entire responsibility, control and direction.

2. Definitions


Each of the terms mentioned below shall have the same meaning in these General Terms and Conditions meaning that is given to him, namely:

  • "Codes" are single-use activation codes issued by our service provider payment in return for the corresponding payment. Once received, they can then be exchanged in Game against the virtual currencies of the Game in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
  • "Account": an account opened in a personal capacity after the Player's registration to which the Player has access in using its identifiers.
  • "Player Content": All the elements (images, sounds, texts, graphics, etc.) that make up everything or a part of the Players' creations and contributions made as part of the Game or posted online in the framework Discussion Forums.
  • "Game": innovative and original fashion and decoration game designed, produced and exploited by TICTALS under the protected name "TICTALES". The game and its elements (interfaces, software, images, sounds, texts, graphics, etc.) are protected by intellectual property rights.
  • "Hosting": Storage and computer processing services for the Game and Content Player, assured by TICTALES and allowing to make the Game and its Player Content accessible to any Internet user and/or Player, directly or indirectly connected to the server.
  • "Player": Major physical person who has subscribed to the Game by completing the Online Form and in accepting these General Terms and Conditions and the Code of Conduct on its own behalf for that of a minor of which she is the parent or legal representative.

3. Object


The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions is to define the conditions under which the Player accesses the Site, registers, plays and benefits from the features offered by the Game.

4. Acceptance of the general conditions


By registering via the Form, each Player expressly accepts these terms and conditions general in registering "I have read and accepted without reservation the provisions of these general conditions", at the bottom of the web page where these conditions are displayed.

Participation in the Game also implies acceptance of any subsequent modification of the organization of the game and these general conditions under the following conditions:

TICTALES reserves the right to modify these General Terms and Conditions at any time of use or the rules concerning the Game.

Each new version of these Terms and Conditions will be posted on the Site and the Player will be one of them informed on the Site.

However, the Player is required to regularly review these Terms and Conditions of Use.

Continuing to access the Site and/or play the Game after any modification of the Terms general of use entails the Player's acceptance of the modifications to the General Terms and Conditions.

TICTALES also reserves the right to change its Game. Technical modifications may be made operate without notice from TICTALES.

In addition, TICTALES reserves the right to definitively stop the Game offered to Players, with a 30 days' notice (thirty) days and without consideration of any kind whatsoever.

5. Duration and entry into force


These General Terms and Conditions shall come into force upon validation by the Player of the Form to be used duly completed and this without the need to sign these General Terms and Conditions. They remain in effect for the duration of the activation of the Account. The provisions listed in Article 24 survive the deactivation of the Account and continue to apply once the Account is deactivated for any reason. reason that this i. e.

6. Free service


The Game accessible and made available through the Site is free of charge with the exception of the Codes which can be acquired under the conditions set out herein. All Internet access and communications necessary to access and play the Game remains the responsibility of the Player.

7. Conditions for registration to the game


7.1 Persons eligible to participate

The Game is accessible via the Internet to any natural person, adult or minor. However, minors register and participate in the game under the responsibility of and with the authorization of their parents, guardians or adults who have been delegated parental authority.

As host of Player Content, TICTALES implements the means to delete the Illegal Player Content that would be reported to him/her, in accordance with the provisions of Article 6 of the the Act for Confidence in the Digital Economy of 21 June 2004. The reporting and removal procedures are as follows described here: https://aaron.love-diaries.com/en-us/#/app/warn.

7.2 A single Account per Player

Once the Form is validated, an Account is assigned to the Player summarizing his preferences. Each Player may only register once in the Game and must therefore have only one Account.

It is therefore strictly forbidden to register several times for the Game using different identifiers, in creating multiple Accounts, as well as playing from an Account opened by another Player or by using fraudulently using another Player's credentials.

The opening by the same Player of several accounts or the fraudulent use of the Account or the IDs of another Player may result in the deletion of that Player's account and, if applicable, the prohibition to access the Game again through this Account or through a new registration creating a new Account.

7.3 Registration to the game via the form

Registration for the Game is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in cases of force majeure or of event beyond the control of TICTALES and subject to possible breakdowns and maintenance interventions necessary for the proper functioning and updates of the Site and the Game. For maintenance purposes, TICTALES is reserves the right to temporarily suspend (in whole or in part) and without notice access to the Account, the Site, the Game,...